'Centre Classics' Workshops

Using our range of 'Centre Classics' picture book exhibitions, these interactive workshops go beyond the book's text to explore the meaning behind illustrations and more!  


We offer a selection of challenging and engaging workshops for upper primary or secondary classes that can be tailored to your students' needs.  ‘Centre Classics’ workshops can be held at our Centre, or in your school.  We have several picture books from a variety of genres to choose from.  


‘Centre Classics’ Picture Books:  To find out more about the titles available for upper primary and secondary student workshops, click on the attachment below.


Duration: 2 hours.

Suitable:  Year 5 to Year 12. Conducted by the Centre’s Education Officers.

Cost:  $11.00 per student.


Australian Curriculum:  These workshops are linked to the Literature strand of the Australian Curriculum, in particular Responding to Literature.   In addition, most picture books provide other Australian Curriculum links and are noted within the description of the picture books we use.


Excursion Policy Guidelines: The Literature Centre complies fully with the excursion policy guidelines of the WA Department of Education. For details regarding excursions to our Centre, please click on the attachment below.