Julia Lawrinson

Julia Lawrinson was born just after the first moon landing and grew up in the outer suburbs of Perth.  She was extremely shy as a child, but made up for this by joining the WA Youth Theatre Company as a teenager, and then performing, touring and appearing on television with comedy group Viable Options (later Novak n' Goode) in her early twenties.  As a result of this performing background, Julia loves writing dialogue and character: to her, they're the things that make writing jump off the page.

Julia left school at age fifteen to work in a series of jobs, including working as a checkout girl, chambermaid, barmaid, roadhouse attendant and at a weighbridge.

Fulfilling as it was, Julia felt there was more to life than flipping hamburgers, and returned to study at Murdoch University in her late teens.  She completed her PhD in writing in 2004 and also has postgraduate qualifications in education.

Julia's life experiences have obviously influenced her writing.  Her first book, Obsession, won the 2001 Western Australian Premier's Book Award for Young Adult Writing, and was followed by Skating the Edge (2002, Fremantle Arts Centre Press), Loz and Al (2004, Fremantle Arts Centre Press), Bad Bad Thing (2005, Lothian), Suburban Freak Show (2006, Lothian), Bye, Beautiful (2006, Penguin), The Girl Who Fell Into A Book (2006, Penguin) and The Push (2008, Penguin) and the Aussie Chomp Famous! (2009, Penguin).  A novel for 10-12 year olds, Chess Nuts was released in 2010. Julia's latest book for young adults, Losing It (2012, Penguin) was launched in the main gallery of The Literature Centre in May 2012.

Now, as well as writing for teenagers and children, she finds time to work as the 'Usher of the Black Rod' at Parliament House in Western Australia.

Julia loves Jack Russell dogs, open-minded people and Facebook, and her favourite saying is 'A closed mouth gathers no feet'.  She has not learned to follow this advice, but hopes that one day she will.

Julia was one of nine presenting authors at the Celebrate Reading National Conference: Insights into Quality Australian Literature for Young Adults held at The Literature Centre in Fremantle in October 2012 and has presented to writing students in our Talented Young Writers' Programme on several occasions.

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