John Heffernan

John Heffernan lives on a farm at the end of a dirt road. The farm is nestled in a beautiful little valley at the edge of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales. John's early training as a teacher has been invaluable in both his writing and in establishing a relationship with young readers.
John has written more than thirty books for older readers and younger readers, on a range of subjects, in a range of styles and genres. Picture books, chapter books, YA novels, reality to fantasy; he likes to dabble in them all!
One of John's earlier books, Spud, is the story of a blue heeler pup who begins her life in the city but returns to the land when she is abandoned. The story of her son, Chips, is set in the city, not the country -  two different worlds with different rules. In 2002, My Dog won the CBCA Book of the Year for Young Readers and was an Honour Book in the Picture Book of the Year.
Where There's Smoke tells of what happens when individuals and their community are faced by nature at its most destructive and is dedicated to those who lived through the hell of Black Saturday. Marty's Shadow, another powerful young adult novel, was an Honour Book in the 2008 CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers and was shortlisted in the Young Adult category of the 2008 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.
One of John's recent novels, Harry's War, highlights how people express their emotions differently when dealing with a personal tragedy and was shortlisted in 2011 NSW Premier's Literary Award.
John has teamed with Peter Sheehan to produce The Island,  a wonderful picture book which tells the story of a little boy who shows a tribe of people how to capture happiness and keep it!
John doesn't think he'll ever write all the tales that are buzzing about inside his head, let alone the masses swarming out there in the big, wide world. But he has great fun trying!  According to John, "writing is one of the most marvelous and rewarding of crafts."
During 2012, John was a popular presenting author for the  Talented Young Writers' Programme (TYWP) , taking workshops in Fremantle and Bunbury. John will once again be inspiring and educating young minds in 2013 when he travels to Port Hedland, Newman, Albany and Geraldton for the Programme. 

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