Geoff Havel

Geoff was born in the mountains of New Guinea. As a baby he liked to sit in a sand pit on the edge of the jungle, scoffing bananas. He likes to think his manners have improved since then. Now he likes surfing, fixing up old car and of course, writing stories. He has been a primary school teacher for 21 years and thinks that is why his stories are for children. His wife says, he just never grew up.

Geoff says that ideas for stories pop up all around him, all the time, except when he is sitting at his writing desk. Luckily he has been collecting story ideas for years. Whenever he spots a good one flittering past, he gets a far away look in his eyes, rips out his trusty notebook and slams the idea between the pages. Later, when he needs a good idea, all he has to do is take out the book and look.

These days Geoff lives in Perth with his beautiful wife Sindy and his two children Jade and Josh. He teaches at Kinross Primary School where he is always amazed at the fantastic stories the children in his class write and read to each other. As a matter of fact, he started to write his first book, Ca-a-r Ca-a-a-r (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1996) in uninterrupted, sustained, silent writing in a year 5 classroom at Walpole Primary School.

Geoff's second book Punzie ICQ also published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press, was released in April, 1999. His third book, The Real Facts of Life, was released in September 2001. Geoff has since released Graves of the Roti Men in 2003 and Babies Bite won the 2005 Hoffman Award. In more recent years Geoff has released The Master and Water.
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Geoff very popular as a presenting author for our Talented Young Writers' Programme (TYWP) during Term 4, 2012.

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