Craig Smith

Craig Smith has been illustrating children’s books for over 38 years and has completed amazing illustrations for over 370 picture books.

Craig grew up in Adelaide and attended the South Australian School of Art. It is here that he discovered his talent for illustrating, and narrowly escaped the life of an advertising layout artist! While the first drawings Craig sent to a publisher were not used, he was encouraged to keep working and to visit the publisher if he was “ever in town”. Fortunately Craig took up this offer, met with the publisher and the resulting illustrations were those used with the Christobel Mattingley book Black Dog. Although initially Craig worked part time in other jobs, he now works full time as an illustrator and has provided the illustration for a number of books by some of Australia’s most renowned authors including Gary Crew, Libby Gleeson, John Marsden and Emily Rodda. 

Craig works in many different mediums including ink, paint and pencils. More recently Craig has begun to experiment and use software on a Mac computer.

We are delighted to have the artwork of Where Are You, Banana?, written by Sofie Laguna, at the Centre in Term 2, 2014. We are also thrilled to have Craig as an artist in residence 3 – 7 June 2014. He is a wonderful speaker and has provided fun and engaging sessions for students all over Australia to help them hone their drawing skills.


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