Brigid Lowry

Brigid Lowry was born in New Zealand into a rather strange but very creative family. Here she learned a love of books and a keen interest in poetry, thus her writing career was launched!  Nevertheless, it took about twenty years for Brigid to take it to a higher place as she trialed a wide range of jobs including time as a librarian and a primary school teacher. 
At the age of thirty five, Brigid returned to university and began to publish poetry and short fiction. Her first young adult book was Fizz & Max & Me, which was published in the Dolly Fiction series.  As well as teaching her how to write dialogue, this book paid Brigid the grand sum of $3000 and inspired her to apply for an Arts Council Grant for funding to write a second young adult book. With the grant safely in the bank, armed with nothing more than a flimsy idea about a girl who wanted a nose-ring, Brigid wrote Guitar Highway Rose. Constructed in a quirky collage style, this book was a runaway success. It was shortlisted for a number of major prizes in Australia, and won the WA Hoffman Young Readers Choice Award.
Brigid's first non-fiction title, Juicy Writing: Inspiration and Techniques for Young Writers, has been a hit with writers of all ages and was a finalist in the 2009 NZ Children’s Post Book Awards. She also writes poetry, essays and fiction for adults. 
Brigid has an MA in Creative Writing, teaches fiction and journal writing, and loves thrift shops, travelling, nectarines, sleeping in, coloured pencils, and rivers!  She lives in Western Australia and occasionally presents writing workshops to students as part of The Literature Centre's Talented Young Writers' Programme.
There are so many of her young adult novels to enjoy so take a look at them all, and enjoy a great read!

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